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KANVASHRAM is neither a religious nor a godly place but a place which represents the very spirit or soul of this mighty nation BHARAT. To bring such a place back to its pinnacle of glory should be the dream and ambition of every citizen of this nation. Every nation has monuments which are symbol of its national unity and inspiration to its citizens. Dignitaries & people from far and wide visit such site and pay glowing tributes to the creator or architect of that nation. NO SUCH MEMORIAL EXISTS IN OUR NATION WHICH HONOURS THE CREATOR OF THIS ANCIENT CIVILISATION. Though a considerable time has been lost, but to make amends at this late stage may still be sufficient motivation to the coming generation to hold this vast stretch of land mass together like Emperor Bharat did. So that it continues to be respectfully addressed to as " BHARAT VARSH". Read more


  •    2017    March 2017 : The Kanvashram website kanvashram.org has moved rapidly in less than one year and is now placed at position 3 on the first page of Google.
  •    2017    31st Jan- 01 Feb 2017 Basant Panchami Mela was held at Kanwashram,Kotdwara.
  •    2017    Honurable Justice V.K. Bist, Mrs. Renu Bist and Kotdwara Constituency BJP candidate Shri Harak Singh Rawat visited Kanvashram during the Mela
  •    2017    14th Jan 2017 Gindi Mela (Makar Sakranti) was held at Mawakot, Kotdwara.
  •    2016     Hindi Translation of the website was uploaded on October 2016
  •    2016     15th May 2016 website launch by honorable Shri Dhananjay Chaturvedi(Add.district judge)kotdwara.
  •    2016     Mar 2016: A trek along the river Malini undertaken by web design team to capture the beauty of the river.
  •    Mar 2016     Work on creation of an authentic website on Kanvashram begins.
  •    27 Feb 2016    Election held for office bearers of Samiti. Lt. Cdr. V.S.Rawat (Retd) re-elected as President for a further 3 yrs term.
  •    Feb 2016     A girder bridge across the river Malini at Chwkighat, inaugurated by Shri Harish Rawat, Chief Minister, Uttrakhand.
  •    13 Feb 2016     Annual Basant Panchami Mela inaugurated by Shri Harish Rawat, Chief Minister, Uttrakhand. A seminar held in Tourist Bangalow comlex.
  •    Feb 2016    Superintending Archeologist Dehradun circle Dir. Nauriyal came to investigate on direction of Director General ASI, New Delhi.
  •    Feb 2016    Image of a new relic found at Kanvashram forwarded to Archeological Survey of India, New Delhi.
  •    Jan 2015    A book "कण्वाश्रम" written by Lt. Cdr. V.S.Rawat(Retd) released by Smt. Renu Bist, wife of Honurable acting Chief Justice of Uttarakhand Shri Vijay Kumar Bist on 24 Jan 2015.

Lt. Cdr Virender Raw
Lt.Cdr Virender Rawat

(President Kanvashram Samiti)

What can be greater misfortune of this nation for it does not even have a monumentor memorial where its citizen can pay tribute to this nation’s creator “Emperor BHARAT”.

इस देश का इस से बडा दुर्भाग्य क्या हो सकता है कि उसके पास इस देश के जनक “चक्रर्वती स्रमाठ भरत” को उसके नागरिको दारा श्रद्धाजंली देने के लिए कोई स्मारक तक नही है।