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    Situated about 3 kms from Kanvashram towards Kotdwara is situated theJagdav temple, on the forest road which opens up near Degree college in Kotdwara. The road has been partly metaled but for continued movement around the year two more bridges need to be constructed. The temple is situated at a slight height on the side of a hillock. On the side of the temple complexruns a deep gorge which carries away rain water in the monsoon. Within the gorgebeside the temple there is a small natural water spring. This spring provides a constant supply of cool mineral water throughout the year, even in the peak of the summer season.This spring has been the source of drinking water for the villagers around.

    It is understood that the temple came into existence about 60 to 70 years ago. An extremely small temple like structure is the oldest. A number of other structures have come around this temple. A fairly large number of relics from some ancient monument have been cemented in a wall around the temple. These relics seem to be similar to the one found around Kanvashram. It is quite possible that these relics could have been uncovered in the gorge which runs along the temple complex. Also “Chandan” tree have been found to grow around the temple complex.