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    On the picturesque hill side on the right bank of river Malini, directly opposite the Kanvashram monumentis situated the Tourist Bungalow. It consists of four structures. One of the buildings consists of four double bed rooms. The other has two d ouble bed suite and an office. The third building is the kitchen cum dining hall. The fourth building has been added few years back and is supposed to be a meditation centre. The first three buildings were possibly constructed in the year 1958 as Forest Rest House by the forest department. The complete complex was at some time, possibly 25 years back, handed over to Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam by the forest department.The interior of the buildings has been suitably modified time and again to accommodate the tourists.

    The location of the Bungalow is very scenic with wide open space in front with a number of trees. Three sides of the Bungalow are surrounded by forest. On the fourth side is situated the Deer Park. There are a large number of animals whose call can be heard in the forest around the Bungalow in the night. These are deer, spotted deer or chital, Sāmbhar etc. Large groups of Langoors and monkey can be seen jumping around the trees during the day. Leopards are also frequent visitor to the area. Elephant presence can be seen on the river bed by huge piles of dung excreted by them. In all there is a large variety of wild life around including about 50 to 60 variety of birds. However despite the location and the peaceful atmosphere existing there in, it is not a very popular tourist destination.