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      There are a number of locations in the forest around Kanvashram and in the valley of the river Malini which are important from historical and archeological point of view. All these places are connected to Chawkighat, where the monument is situated, by broken pathways or narrow trails. Present name of these locations have been distorted or corrupted over a period of time. Some names have changed extensively. But it is certain that all locations in this region were named after the magnanimous personalities which lived here. All these locations are within a distance of about 10 kms from the present monument. Till about 20 years ago these pathways were in use by the villagers but due to construction of new motor roads the movement in these trails has fallen considerably. District administration which used to maintain these pathways has now stopped maintaining them. It quite likely that they will in due course of time disappear completely in the dense forest cover.

      A list of places historically and religiously connected to Kanvashram is given below. There many more site which are connected to this historical place.

1. Shestradhar natural picturesque spot 3kms from kanvashram
2. Rajdarbar ancient ruins 2kms from kanvashram
3. Mahapgarh old fort ruins 7kms from kanvashram
4. Jagdevgarhi Picturesque spot 3kms from kanvashram
5. Devidanda ancient devi temple 5kms from kanvashram
6. Shunayashikar Meditation spot,hill top 9kms from kanvashram
7. Sidhakigaji ancient ruins 2kms from kanvashram
8. Sathimat ancient temple 1km from kanvahram
9. Ranpatal ancient ruins 5kms from kanvashram
10. Vashist Ashram Ashram of vasist saint 15 kms from kanvashram
11. Kimusera natural picturesque spot 9kms from kanvashram
12. Chandakhal origin spot of river MALINI 31 kms from kotdwara
13. Kashyali Ashram of Kashyap saint 32 kms from kotdwara
14. Vistatkatal birth place of Shakuntala 15 kms from kanvashram
15. Judda natural spot with fruit trees 14kms from kanvashram
16. Sautilyadhar natural river side spot 6kms from kanvashram