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    On "Basant Pancham" day in 1956 a symbolic monument depicting the ancient presence of Kanvashram was erected in a place Chawkighat on the left bank of river Malini. Chawkighat lies at a distance of 11 kms from Kotdwara, Uttarakhand. The monument was inaugurated by then Forest Minister of Uttar Pradesh Shri Jag Mohan Singh Negi. The plaque or inscription fixed on the monument on that day, written in sanskrit, addresses an individual-


    "For if you have the slightest pride in yourself for having taken birth in this ancient prosperous land of Bharat. O' gentle human stop for a while on the banks of the river Malini at Kanvashram and remember the ancestors of Bharat. For it is them who have given the knowledge of light to the people of this world, to drive away the evils of ignorance. We should strive, not to become like an animal that does not know about the past glory of its ancestors. We should fight to remove form the world mutual differences, ill will and unpleasantness amongst us by honouring the universal bonds of friendliness, dignity and following the path of Panchsheel".

    The inauguration of the memorial gave rise to a new tradition in this region called Bhabar. A word used to describe the foothill region. In that, on Basant Panchami day a Mela (fair) started to be organised in this place every year. The Mela was organised under the guidance of Kanvashram Vikas Samiti. A body of eminent local people who took upon the task to oversee all activities connected with Kanvashram voluntarily. Various programmers were presented by local cultural groups and school children on this occasion. Besides, petty shopkeepers put up their temporary shops selling a variety of goods which attracted the women folk and children in large number to the Mela.

    In 1964 the Mela received recognition from the Zila Parisad, Pauri Garhwal. With that besides receiving some grant for the conduct of the Mela various government department e.g. Agriculture, Health, Horticultureetc. started participating in the 7 day long Mela, displaying and providing useful information to the villagers.

    The shape and size of the Mela over a period of last 60 yrs. has changed time and again but something which has not changed is the abundant supply of "Jalabi" which is produced and eaten during the Mela by one and all. So it can also be called a Jalabi Mela. The Mela symbolizes and honours Kanvashram the birth place of Emperor Bharat. Chief Ministers of this state of Uttrakhand have now added this Mela to their yearly schedule. They come every year to inaugurate the Mela, makes numerous announcements about making Kanvashram a national tourist destination. Unfortunately no follow up action is taken by the administration despite efforts put by Kanvashram Vikas Samiti. The situation on ground has not changed much.